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  1. pinselohr

    pinselohr Оруженосец

  2. Janos

    Janos Ленный рыцарь

    I love this portrait! his eyes have so much pain
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  3. rotspecht

    rotspecht Без права писать

    you are great artist!
    very beautiful portrait!

    his eyes as the White Walkers
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  4. Lady Snark

    Lady Snark Знаменосец

    Welcome to our forum! I love ALL your pictures so much!!! :in love: :in love: :in love:
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  5. Frau Lolka

    Frau Lolka Знаменосец

    Welcome, dear pinselohr! We are glad to see you here!
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  6. pinselohr

    pinselohr Оруженосец

    Hello!!! omg thank you all so much! I try to be active here in the future :D
  7. rotspecht

    rotspecht Без права писать

    be active!
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  8. Фокс

    Фокс Гость

    Hello new Bolton fans:hug:
    and welcome here!
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  9. pinselohr

    pinselohr Оруженосец

    Ehhh okay... I´m not sure if I can post NSFW stuff here as well? by the gods what am I drawing...
    so for the full image it´s on my tumblr: http://pinselohr.tumblr.com/

    there will be more of my usual Thramsay of course XD
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  10. net-i-ne-budet

    net-i-ne-budet Лорд

    он его голову вниз подталкивает, да? :meow:
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  11. pinselohr

    pinselohr Оруженосец

    kekeke да, снова и снова

    I used the translator hope you understand it XD
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  12. net-i-ne-budet

    net-i-ne-budet Лорд

    @pinselohr,my English very bad
    Sorry (c)Ramsay
    I love your pictures! :in love::kiss:
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  13. rotspecht

    rotspecht Без права писать

    very very hot!
    this is Ramsay-Reek on Winterfell?

    He is choke!!!
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  14. pinselohr

    pinselohr Оруженосец

    ohh no problem. I must say the translation works better than i thought!!! I feel very comfortable here :D uhh and thanks *__*

    PFFFF thank you aaaha!!! yes it´s from acok ;) I try to show more expressions. I´m really happy you like it XD

    I´m also working on another one from acok right now where theon gets fucked (it was a request)... here´s the WIP so far... omg I hope I get this one done ~.~ still have to fix a lot of proportions here ~.~ and Ramsays face...

  15. net-i-ne-budet

    net-i-ne-budet Лорд

    :волнуюсь: do not cut off!!!!!!!
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  16. rotspecht

    rotspecht Без права писать

    Cutting it up! after he certainly will cut Little-Theon!
    это до отрезания, он потом отрежет маленького Теона


    Theon do not mind?
    > _______ <
    He is not bound and holds hands Ramsay!
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  17. net-i-ne-budet

    net-i-ne-budet Лорд

    перед таким Рамси никто не устоит :kiss:
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  18. rotspecht

    rotspecht Без права писать

    а то!
    кто же устоит перед такой красотой!
    всё ж при нем! и губы (порночерви), и жопа
    и вообще... красота невиданная


    and it!
    who can resist such beauty!
    all are with him! and lips (pornworms), and ASS!
    and generally unprecedented beauty ...
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  19. pinselohr

    pinselohr Оруженосец

    nono he wanted to touch himself but Ramsay´s taken his hand. ehh I see I still need to work on it. haha you mean he should be completely bound XD? aaawww nonono all these ideas!!! hrrr
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  20. rotspecht

    rotspecht Без права писать

    *fan oneself*
    Ramsay insidious
    he will make Theon cum without hands

    what a shame!
    I want more!
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