Арт by pinselohr (18+)


@pinselohr,my English very bad
Sorry (c)Ramsay
I love your pictures! :in love::kiss:
ohh no problem. I must say the translation works better than i thought!!! I feel very comfortable here :D uhh and thanks *__*

very very hot!
this is Ramsay-Reek on Winterfell?

He is choke!!!
PFFFF thank you aaaha!!! yes it´s from acok ;) I try to show more expressions. I´m really happy you like it XD

I´m also working on another one from acok right now where theon gets fucked (it was a request)... here´s the WIP so far... omg I hope I get this one done ~.~ still have to fix a lot of proportions here ~.~ and Ramsays face...



Без права писать
перед таким Рамси никто не устоит :kiss:
а то!
кто же устоит перед такой красотой!
всё ж при нем! и губы (порночерви), и жопа
и вообще... красота невиданная


and it!
who can resist such beauty!
all are with him! and lips (pornworms), and ASS!
and generally unprecedented beauty ...


Cutting it up! after he certainly will cut Little-Theon!
это до отрезания, он потом отрежет маленького Теона


Theon do not mind?
> _______ <
He is not bound and holds hands Ramsay!
nono he wanted to touch himself but Ramsay´s taken his hand. ehh I see I still need to work on it. haha you mean he should be completely bound XD? aaawww nonono all these ideas!!! hrrr